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3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP, White, 99 mm x 45.7 m, 12 rolls per case

3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP, White, 99 mm x 45.7 m, 12 rolls per case
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3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP is a flexible, next generation white polypropylene/core/scrim/foil laminate facing coated with one of our 3M™ proprietary adhesives specifically formulated to adhere to polypropylene facings in both cold and hot humid temperatures. This adhesive also contains mold inhibiting agents to help prevent corrosion under the insulation.

Tough and Flexible for Duct Piping Butt Joints
3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP matches next generation insulation facings. It is a tri-directional reinforced tape that excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications. It is comprised of a tough white polypropylene film facing in a core/scrim/foil laminated backing coated with a cold weather acrylic adhesive. The facing is flexible and conforms to irregular surfaces and curves, excellent for butt joints. The aggressive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is formulated for polypropylene, and contains mold inhibiting agents to prevent mold build-up in humid and damp conditions. With excellent resistance to weathering, mold, UV and environmental conditions, this ASJ tape performs well in extremely cold and hot temperature applications.

Recommended Applications

  • All service jacket (ASJ) closure system on next generation duct piping butt joints
  • Butt joint vapor seal on ductboard and pipe insulation
  • Cold weather
  • Hot and humid conditions

Cold Weather Performance
3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP is coated with a proprietary, pressure sensitive, cold weather, solvent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive has been specifically designed for cold weather applications, though it performs well at normal and high temperatures as well. It delivers a quick stick at normal temperatures. With a service temperature ranging from -40°F/-40°C to 150°F/66°C, this tape can be applied in a variety of environmental conditions. It provides good holding power for extended periods with good aging properties that resist lifting and curling.

The Science of Better Adhesion from 3M
Since 1925 when one of our lab assistants invented masking tape, 3M has been applying science to life – developing adhesive products and technologies that help entire industries and individual businesses worldwide. The work that began with a single 3M engineer now spans decades and generations. And all of it goes into each of our industrial tapes and adhesives, like 3M™ Venture Tape™ Film Faced ASJ Tape 106FXP, to help businesses like yours operate faster, better and more efficiently.


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